Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my face?

It is actually quite important to make sure your lash line is clean. Make sure no leftover make-up remains as this can shorten the life span of the adhesive.  

You can wipe/wash your face, but avoid rubbing directly onto the eyes when cleaning.

We recommend for you to use the gentle foam cleaning, Lashly Eyelid wash with Brush. This gentle foam wash will keep your skin around your eyes and your lash line clean and healthy. 


How long will the extensions last?

This is highly dependent on your lash cycle.
All hairs have a life-span and for eyelashes this doesn’t differ. This means, from the moment a natural eyelash starts to grow, it will stop growing once it reaches a certain length, it will then fall off naturally (shedding) making way for a new natural eyelash to grow. This too will grow till a certain length and again will shed. This cycle can repeat itself every 3-6 weeks, on average. Haven stated that each individual natural lash has its own time before reaching its fullest length. So every single eyelash has its own life span, where one can take 2 weeks to mature the next fnatural eyelash can take 3/4 or 5 weeks to fully mature, because of this you are naturally shedding 3 to 5 on eyelashes on average on a daily basis. If your natural eyelashes take longer to grow, the extensions, which are placed onto the natural eyelashes will stay on, until the natural eyelashes are ready to shed.

They will only come off in the following situations:
1. With friction- rubbing eyes/sleeping on them, wear and tear.
2. Not keeping the lashes clean and allowing debris and or make-up residue to build up.

How do I maintain the extensions?

By keeping your lashes clean and regularly brushing them. You can purchase a lash maintenance set to help you manage your extensions for longer.  Avoid rubbing, tugging, and getting them caught in clothing and towels. Avoid sauna or extreme heat. (oven heat, lighters, BBQ, etc.).

Can I swim with them?

Yes, just protect them against direct water pressure. This is what can push the extension off the natural eyelash. Wearing swim goggles are a good way to protect your eyelash extensions. 

Can I use the tanning bed?

Yes, you can. 

Do I need mascara?

You do not need to use any mascara, however, If you are finding it difficult to get an infill appointment on time or prefer to space out your full set appointment, then in between appointments, when more than 50% has shed, you can use water-based mascara, as this washes off easily. and will fill in the gaps. But no mascara is needed if you are coming for an infill appointment. If mascara is applied to extensions, they will need to be removed before a new full set.

Can I curl or tint the lashes?

The lashes do not need to be curled or tinted. Eyelash extensions come in various curls, thicknesses, colours, and lengths. You can experiment with the desired look.

Can I remove the extensions myself?

There are two ways to remove the extension and both require a special remover which you can purchase here.

If you do not have a remover please find the nearest lash artist to remove your extensions for you safely. Any attempt to remove the extensions without the right products can result in infections. 

Will the extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

The extensions are not meant to damage your natural eyelashes if applied correctly. This means;
1. the extensions cannot touch the skin or be glued to the skin,
2. each natural eyelash is meant to be isolated before the extension is placed onto it.

3. The right weight and thickness is meant to be placed on the natural lashes. It is important to make sure the natural lashes, are not overloaded and to ensure the health of your natural lashes.

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions?

Applying extensions should not hurt.

I am having a reaction and don't know what to do

Typical reactions are:

1. Red eyeballs – due to overexposure to the adhesive (when the eyes keep opening or are not properly closed during the installation. 

2. Swollen eyelids – when you have sensitive skin, or usually suffer from hayfever, it is likely you can develop these symptoms if you are overexposed to the adhesive. 

3. Excessive itching – again, due to overexposure to the adhesive, and or unsuccessful isolation (2 or more natural hairs are glued to each other) the fast-growing lash is gradually pulling out the slow-growing lashes, causing the area to itch.

Contact me to get them removed as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us or use the contact form below to send a message.

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