About The Company




How It Started

Lashly Eyelash Extensions (Lashly EET) was established in 2012 by Augusta Glasz. A mother of two with a love for creativity.  Augusta’s true passion lies in the encouragement to help others become financially independent through the training and support she provides.
The business was created out of passion, a true hobby that grew into an established and accredited business that provides clients with a natural looking and feel of eyelash treatments that can and will encourage them to take on the world!


How It Is Going

Excellent customer service is a given to all that come to the lash studio.  Not only do customers/clients have an excellent experience on the comfortable heated bed that encourages absolute relaxation, but also numerous students have chosen to be trained at Lashly EET and have gone on to become their own independent bosses. It doesn’t end with providing training, Lashly EET is also heavily involved in product development, in the form of specilised tools, effective lash products, apps and more. It doesn’t stop there! The mission, fuels the vision.

The Vision and Mission of the company

Lashly EET specialises in the application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions along with providing training and workshops in eyelash treatments for those wanting to start their journey as lash artists. The vision was always based on compassion guiding others to become independent was the result of that compassion.  The mission is to help as many as possible in various countries do what the founder did, become independent.


The more, the better creativity can flow. Lashly EET is always interested in a fruitful collaboration with other passionate creatives. Just contact us using text, email or WhatsApp. 


Lashly EET is always looking for passionate individuals to work together with. If this is you and you would like to work together with us, please send a short email and the link of your portfolio to:

Always looking for:

Lash artists
Social media manager
Internships / Beauty Apprentices


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